Objectives & Expected Level Of Play By Division

Pre-K  To Kindergarden

This age group is for our beginners in Pre K and Kindergarten. Teams will be small but may practice as a larger group to ensure continuity of skills. Scoopers play a shortened regular season scrimmaging other local scoopers programs both at home and away. Full girls appropriate gear is required. Boys are suggested to have full gear but are allowed to participate with only helmet and gloves.

  • Basic lacrosse terminology
  • Beginning of proper passing and catching technique
  • Cradling form
  • Sharing the ball


1st & 2nd Grade

This age group is for players in 1st and 2nd grade. Experiences vary in this age group but we do the best we can to ensure all teams are balanced and players are properly challenged. Teams play a full league schedule and participate in an end of the year play day. There is no A and B division as this age level. Fields are smaller than regulation and goalies are required and each player will have the opportunity to try the position. There will be one official referee as well as one coach per team on the field.

  • Proper catching & throwing form
  • Understanding the difference between offense and defense
  • Focusing on proper separation on the field
  • Sharing the ball on the move
  • Teams will have roughly 10-13 players per roster

3rd & 4th Grade

This level is for our 3rd and 4th grade players. At this level there will be a variety of skill levels from no experience to multiple years of experience. At this age level for the boys we will begin to separate teams based on skill. The league has an option for A and B teams for boys at this age group. We will continue to ensure balance with the skill level for all girls teams. Teams will play a full league schedule with referees at every game.

  • Developing skills such as throwing, catching, shooting with both hands
  • Defensive Positioning and footwork
  • Building lacrosse IQ and understanding off ball movement
  • Proper checking practices for girls and boys
  • Introduction of defensive long poles at A level for boys
  • B level teams will have roughly 12-15 per roster
  • A level full field team rosters will be capped at 24


5th & 6th Grade

This age group will be for our players in 5th and 6th grade. All teams play on a full-size field. Boys teams will be split based on experience and skill level into A and B as registration allows.

  • Offensive sets will be introduced
  • Both hands for shooting and play are encouraged
  • Understand defensive concepts and off ball movement
  • Position specific roles will begin to be identified
  • Building on lacrosse IQ
  • Rosters will be capped at 28


7th & 8th Grade

This age group will be for our 7th & 8th Grade players. The flow of this level will be as close to High School level as we can make it. Teams will work closely with High School coaches and players through the season. Boys will have A and B level teams offered depending on registration. Teams will be divided by skill and experience. Players new to the sport are still welcome.

  • Proficiency in catching and throwing with both hands
  • Offensive philosophy, sets and plays will be executed
  • Defensive philosophy, positioning and off ball movement
  • Understanding benefits of teamwork and chemistry
  • Competitive play at all levels
  • Fast paced practices
  • Building advanced lacrosse IQ and concepts in preparation for high school level play
  • Rosters will be capped at 30 starting in spring 2025


Tournament Teams

These groups will vary year to year based on interest.

  • High level competition
  • Advanced lacrosse IQ
  • Coached by club level coaches
  • Alternative to year-round club programs


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