We are the fastest growing sport in our area. URC Lax has gone from 24 girls in 2014 to close to 300 boys & girls in 2017. In order to provide the opportunity for athletes in our community, WE NEED COACHES!! Very few of us had experience in coaching Lacrosse when we started, but he have many opportunities to learn the game. Before the season starts, we will have 3 more clinics for coaches with our High School Coaches. You also have the opportunity to attend the US Lacrosse Level 1 Coaching clinic. You can also attend the Naval Academy Coaches Clinic, or the US Lacrosse National Convention here in Baltimore. We will pay for all of your training. Please reach out to our Education Coordinator Ron Milor if you are interested, rmilorjr@gmail.com  Take the classes for free and just see if you think it is something you can handle. The number of coaches is the only thing limiting the number of players we can register.